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Fostering strength through community, transcending our limits, and promoting balance for a healthier, empowered life.

Welcome to

CrossFit D’Iberville aka Pulse Montréal,

a friendly and inclusive space to work hard and have fun!


Experience our supportive atmosphere within a coach led class where we value proper movement mechanics and consistency before intensity. 


We are an inclusive community oriented gym where people of all fitness levels are welcomed with open arms. Come for the workout, stay for your friends.


Discover the joy of exercise as you embark on a journey that combines challenge with an uplifting and entertaining atmosphere.


Monday - Friday

12h-13h, 16h-20h





Class Packs by the Month

2x a week

(9 classes)


per month

3x a week

(13 classes)


per month

5x a week

(22 classes)


per month

  • We encourage people to join regardless of their present state of fitness. Come as you are, and we’ll make you fitter. CrossFit is infinitely scalable to include beginner and experienced athletes alike. Often in the same class you can find novice athletes as well as experienced athletes. Our gym is committed to providing modifications and individualized coaching within the group class to ensure everyone can participate and progress safely.

  • We offer a “fundamentals” program at CrossFit D'Iberville Pulse Montreal that is designed to introduce a novice CrossFit athlete to all the foundational movements of CrossFit within a two week period. During this time, beginners can make new friends, and get acquainted with the intensity and complexity of CrossFit’s methodology within a group setting where everyone is on the same journey of discovery.


    Click here if you want to sign up to our next fundamentals program.

  • Our FREE TRIAL class is meant as an introduction to CrossFit and is specifically designed for people who have never done CrossFit before. Experienced athletes interested in trying our gym are encouraged to take a drop in class.

  • No. CrossFit training is very safe, and sitting on your couch is actually incredibly dangerous. In our gym, credentialed trainers provide precise instructions and coaching to help people move safely and efficiently, helping people avoid all the diseases that come from inactivity, obesity and poor nutrition. In fact, CrossFit is a powerful tool that can bring someone from a state of sickness towards wellness and even fitness.


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This is CrossFit at its finest. Fantastic community, coaches devoted to fitness and people, a great space. As an adaptive athlete, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend!

Une box de CrossFit tournée vers ses membres, des coachs passionnés et passionnants, une ambiance au top !

Best gym!!! Pour les coachs, l’ambiance, la programmation…⚡️ N’hésitez pas à venir suer avec nouuuus

Une communauté de feu 🔥
Des coachs passionnés 💪🏼
De cours intenses qui nous font bien progresser 😉

Une box vraiment ouf, un coaching au top et une ambiance dingue!

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